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The Ceramic Repair Putty or Ceramic Coating is suitable for rebuilding and repairing worn surfaces, including ceramics, metals and concrete. It has excellent bonding characteristics with both powder coating and metal surfaces, making it ideal for use in a range of industrial applications surface protection from water, chemicals or harsh weather. Ceramic Coating is used to repair and rebuild worn or highly abraded surfaces.

Ceramic Coating by Stanvac, one of the leading ceramic coating manufacturers in India manufactures is specially designed under expert guidance for corrosion and abrasion resistant coating. It is durable, long-lasting surface that adheres well to both cemented and non-cemented substrates including many types of concrete, steel and copper.

Ceramic coatings by Stanvac does not break down in normal atmospheric conditions like rain or summer. A ceramic coating offers an additional layer of defense against numerous damaging factors, which is one of its main advantages.

Stanvac Make – Ceramic Coating provide the best in Class Adhesion, Wear & Erosion Resistance coating. The most Popular Ceramic Coating by Stanvac are:

(A) 1170 Ceramic Putty & 1180 Ceramic Coating – These high-quality ceramic coatings are grade heat exchangers and condensers

(B) 1170 Ceramic Putty & 1190 Ceramic Coating – These top-grade ceramic coating has an effective feature like pump casing internal coating that enhances flow & efficiency

(C) 731 ER Extreme “Zirconium Bead” Ceramic Putty - It is one of the fine quality products by Stanvac that provides internal protection against wear, abrasion & erosion. It works effectively on Classifiers, Separators, and Bends

(D) Full series, 814 One minute Putty, Instasteel, 815 SPL, F2, PU Kote – This series is popularly known for fast and effective repairs

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