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Concrete Protection

Protective ceramic coatings for concrete are an excellent solution to extend the life and appearance of your concrete. These substances are used to coat already-existing concrete, and they can aid in preventing circumstances like regular wear and tear, crumbling, dampness, storm damage, and more from happening to the surface.

Protecting the concrete surface of your home or office with a protective ceramic coating protects against damage from crumbling, moisture and abrasion.

Your concrete surface can be strengthened and protected with an electrode. Electrodes help to provide a brighter, shinier and longer-lasting surface as well as prevent cracking, chipping, flaking and peeling of the original surface.

Concrete coating is commonly coated with water-based styrene acrylic or acrylic emulsions during the curing process. Surface-applied coatings are advantageous for concrete that has hardened. For material handling systems, ceramic coated by Stanvac - Ceramic coating manufacturers in India offers several advantages, particularly in terms of abrasion resistance.

It offers higher resistance to abrasion and wear translates into financial savings, decreased system downtime, decreased waste, and increased production. Ceramic coating by Stanvac – A trusted Ceramic coating manufacturer in India provides excellent defense against slide abrasion. They protect materials of any size, degree, or centerline radius with ceramic without miring, which is impossible with ceramic tile lining.

“First Time in India”- Stanvac – a revolutionary ceramic coating manufactures in India brings Penetrative anti-carbonation protective coatings that will penetrate, seal & density Concrete Walls, Floors, Foundations, and Roofs. This will enhance the product life to 3X – 5. Its added advantage is preventing concrete degradation, powdering, cracking, spalling, and seepages

One of the reasons Stanvac is the most preferred Ceramic Coating Manufacturer in India is that it provides roof waterproofing systems with “Penetrative densification technology”. Not just that, we are also popular for Acid protective ceramic coatings for DM, ETP, and WTP Plants. Our best-in-class ceramic coatings offer fast concrete repair putties.

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