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Super Hydrophobic Anti Corrosion

Anti-corrosion coatings shield metal parts against deterioration due to exposure to various industrial or environmental pollutants in a variety of industries or other substances like moisture, chemical fume, slimeenvironment and oxidation. Stanvac, a leading Anti Corrosion Coating Manufacturers in India ensures that with its extensive research and high-quality standards it provides Anti-Corrosion products that protect equipment from adverse environmental factors and help to delay inevitable decay brought on by abrasion, oxidation, or other types of breakdown.

Stanvac is one of the most trusted Anti Corrosion Coating Manufacturers in India and has the best quality availability of both - 1K DTM Hybrid Acrylic & 2K surface tolerant epoxy + polyurethane systems. These products are the customer’s first choice and ideal for critical area corrosion prevention of Pipelines, Storage tanks, Wet & Dusty areas, Production machinery and plant structure.

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